Parthenon Foods 9131 West Cleveland Avenue

The DIPLES from Parthenon Foods are like an air from a collection of songs by John Dowland; delicate and ephemeral. Despite this, they remain in the culinary memory for a long time. Donuts are short…the Parthanon’s Dimples are long.



Jo’s Cafe 3519 West Silver Spring Drive

eggsJo's Cafe

The Hash Brown version of  Die Kunst Der Fuge….as served at the venerable Jo’s Cafe.  Just as a perfectly placed upper mordent adds just the right touch in a keyboard sonata of Baldassare Galuppi, so the fried onions at Jo’s Cafe provide a tasty ornament to their formidable Hash Browns.  This morning, my wife’s “over-easy “egg was served with a broken yoke.  Despite her protestations, our waitress provided another egg “on the house”.  “Let me do my job” she barked out as the third egg, this time proudly intact, was placed on our table.   Jo’s Cafe is a place where the job is done right.