Thai-namite 932 East Brady

Although it looks like an omelet….

photo 2

…this is Thai-namite‘s take on Pad Thai. Inside the impressively thin egg casing was a tasty commingling of thin noodles, scallions, shrimp and a sauce that made me think for a moment that I had been whisked away from Brady Street in Brew-town and deposited directly into a booth at a place in Chicago’s Loop where the Thai food is really good.
The noodles were enjoyed in the company of three friends who instinctively knew what good table-talk is made of. Our conversation touched on many topics; a bit of gossip, reminiscences, observations both witty and wise. It was serendipitous that two of these friends came from the same wonderful country as Robert Louis Stevenson. He knew how memorable this sort of conversation can be:

There can be no fairer ambition than to excel in talk; to be affable, gay, ready, clear and welcome; to have a fact, a thought, or an illustration, pat to every subject…

Add some respectable Pad Thai and two Kirin Ichiban‘s to the mix and the afternoon became as happy as a Haydn symphony.

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